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Photography specific

How do I go about booking a session?
You may book by clicking the contact page. Once I have an understanding of your requirements and both parties agree upon a fee/package, a date is determined.

How much do you charge for a session? 
Every assignment is different so I want be very cautious here. Photography services can cost anywhere from $500.00 to $1000.00. Contact us to find out more.

How long does a headshot session typically last?
Typically, I like to spend around 45 minutes per look/style. If this is your first headshot session, don't be surprised if it takes you 30 minutes just to ease in to your shoot. I try to give as much time to a session as possible/necessary.

I am really nervous for my first session. Can I bring a family member or a friend along?
It's normal to be nervous. You may bring one guest with you for your session. 

I'm an Actor. My agent insists that I work with a photographer of their choice. Can you speak to my agent?
A talent agent has a list of photographers they work with and in most scenarios, they are just looking out for your best interest. We'd would be happy to communicate with your agent/agency to determine what roles your agent anticipates you auditioning for.

Can I do my hair and apply my make-up beforehand? I may not be comfortable working someone I don't know.
No problem. We recommend working with someone who has sufficient experience in make-up for film/television. The advantage of having a make-up artist on set is that the artist can slightly modify your look during an outfit change and keep an eye on the finer details. You may bring your own hair and make-up artist with you to your session.

How can I prepare for a headshot session?
There is a lot of unnecessary information online. We recommend that you don't confuse yourself with posing videos on YouTube or read articles that have 101 suggestions. At times, less is more. I will walk you through the entire process over a detailed phone call and send you a PDF with essential information. You will be comfortable/confident before your session.

Do you shoot weddings?
No but I am happy to make recommendations.

Do you accept credit card?
We accept most major credit cards, visa debit, electronic money transfer & PayPal.

Do you do work for charitable organizations?
There is nothing more gratifying than working for organizations that support a noble cause. I often volunteer services for registered charitable organizations and if there is a budget, we're happy to work within your budget.

Where are you located?
Based in Downtown Toronto, I shoot from a local studio and travel anywhere in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Additional travel charges apply, when travelling outside of the GTA.


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