Why I don’t shoot events.

Thomas Quinn - Author/Genius

I was recently asked to shoot a wedding and when I declined, the person looked at me as if I forgot to wear my pants. She looked at me as if I did something wrong and in that moment, I literally felt like I owed her an explanation.

I told her that I don’t do events for two reasons:

I am not set up to be an event photographer. I didn’t purchase my gear with that intention.

Secondly, I made it quite clear that it’s not a strength of mine. I was honest.

She said, “The money is really good Kabir. I don’t see why you can’t do it. Rent what you don’t have!”

Did she have a point? Absolutely!

I could’ve made a substantial amount of money but I couldn’t do it because I never got that “YES” feeling when she told me about the gig. I could have purchased an on camera flash along with some key accessories and made it possible. I was tempted by the dough but again, it just didn’t feel right.

I have a lot of admiration for the kind of work event photographers are doing. They’re amazing but event photography just isn’t my thing.

I enjoy shooting people and I love the experience of portrait photography.

It’s kind of funny how a lot of people view photography. Just because we have cameras, doesn’t mean that we wish to shoot everything/anything. I’m speaking on behalf of (not all) most professional photographers who understand what I am trying to say.

You know who you are. I love you.

Would we ask a chef who specializes in sushi to make butter chicken? Raw seafood + tangy Indian curry = something I would never want to try.

Here’s another one!

Would you ask Donald Trump to run a nation?

I think I’ve made my point but I’m not finished. I’m going to dig a little deeper before I wrap.

I think the worst part about doing things you don’t love doing is the time factor. That’s time you will never get back. You can always make more friends, make more money but time is that one thing you can’t acquire.

I know a lot of wealthy/successful individuals and based on my observations, I find that money is not their key motivation.

I love the experience of going to events but I can’t shoot them! It’s all good.


Kabir Ali