Seven weeks later.

I’m back home (Toronto).

I took twelve flights within a span of seven weeks and now that this adventure is over, I’m starting to realize that this trip was unlike any journey I’ve ever been on.

Usually when you come back home, you know your routine and your surroundings are familiar. After all, you’re home right? Not for me.

I feel like these past seven weeks was like some sort of a dream. It almost feels like it didn’t even happen. I didn't really have some sort of a concrete plan when I left Toronto but I was so fortunate to get some amazing assignments during my trip.

In India, I line produced a feature starring Sean Bean, I shot an amazing project for Global Affairs Canada in West Africa and during my visit to the upper east region of Ghana, I booked a commercial project showcasing all of the goodness The Baba Tree Basket Company has to offer.

I loved shooting at the Baba Tree Basket Company in Bolgatanga, Ghana. It was a rare experience. 100%.

I am trying to describe what I am exactly feeling and I think the body of work I produced during my trip was so unreal that it’s somewhat challenging to embrace the normalcy of my life in Toronto.

Don’t get me wrong. The food tastes great here (Toronto), I missed the studio and it’s summer! I’m loving and soaking it all in. I usually take advantage of my surroundings and considering I’ve been back in Toronto for a good week, I’d say I’ve done a good job.

Spending sometime away from home is definitely a good thing and I think it’s normal to feel out of place when you’ve been away from home for seven weeks.

I’m very excited to see what’s in store for me here in Toronto. I may have said this before and I’ll say it again! As a photographer, I’ve realized that you’ll never know what to expect. You just go with it and by it, I mean:

Some days are like: “Wow, what a week! What just happened?!?! Why does my phone have such a shitty battery!”

And then some days are like: “What’s going on? Why isn’t anything happening!?!?!”

Now I may sound like I’m complaining but I’m not. I love that about my job and like the breathing space which gives me that freedom to travel and work on my personal projects. It’s a luxury and in my opinion, I’d rather be in this space than do a 9-5. I’m really bad at that.

I think I spoilt myself during this trip though. I have this itch to go out there again. I want to know what else is out there and that doesn’t happen by spending time in front of your browser googling. You know?

You need to be in the mix and in the thick of it to understand what you want to shoot and what truly matters to you.

I’m on it. I’m excited. I’m curious. I’m feeling the way I need to feel. I like it. Every bit of it.