Checking in.

My happy place.

Over these past two years, I’ve learnt to stop and assess where I am in my life. It’s not something that I do at a specific reoccurring time but it’s something that I do when I feel it’s necessary. It’s a process that lasts a few weeks and off late, I am certain that I have made some progress.

Making adjustments is hard but at the same time, it can be very fruitful.

I constantly feel like I am being tested as a photographer, partner, friend, brother, son and each and every other role I play in my world.

It may seem like I am dealing with challenges and sure, I am. Who doesn’t deal with challenges? We all do. I have very little control over certain aspects of my life but I have complete control over how events effect me and I lead a life that is extremely eventful. Changes are constantly taking place and every other day is very stimulating. Good or bad, I can never know the nature of the scenario that I am going to face when start my day.

Regardless of what’s going on, I basically keep my shit together. I don’t get excited when a new gig comes by because you can only perform when you’re calm/mindful. And yes, I don’t want to freak out when something goes to shit either. It can have an impact on the people I work with and I can’t make that space sticky. It needs to be clean, calm and stress only slows the team down.

I think I am learning how to adapt far better than I ever have in the past.

Recently, I took a social (online & offline) break because I felt that I needed to reset. I made a point to spend less time posting my work and spent more time revisiting the drawing board to experiment. 

As usual, I don’t know where I am going with this but I am just going to keep going.

A few days have passed sinceI started writing this post in India and now, I am in West Africa.

After my teenage years, I spent a good 7-8 years in India. Like Toronto, it used to be home but this time around, I felt somewhat disconnected. Believe it or not, I felt like a tourist because I think the city has changed so much over these past 3 years and I have too. 

Despite feeling like a tourist, Bombay treated me really well and I have nothing but gratitude. I shot some amazing actors in India and I can’t wait to post them up on the site.

Africa is so quiet. I love it here because you can hear yourself think and connect with your instincts without any distractions/noise.

I love chaos because it makes me hungry. It’s good to be in a city that has hungry souls but every now and then, you don’t want to race. In my opinion, there is no real personal growth when you’re constantly running towards your goals.

I feel like I need to stop, reset and assess where I am with my personal relationships and fine tune the design of my professional path.

I love writing these posts and I hope you enjoy reading them. I think I am going to make a conscious effort to post more often.

See you soon.

Kabir Ali