Working with family.

My weekend was awesome.

I did a shoot for my cousins’ business yesterday. It was a unique blend of film and video for a commercial spot. I look forward to sharing with you guys once I’m through with post.

When I do a gig for friends or family, I’ve learnt to keep my expectations neutral because you never know what to expect. Are they going to be enthusiastic, professional or as committed as I am? You’ll never know until the day of the shoot.

Recently, I was in a scenario where I had to reschedule a shoot the moment I saw my clients because to them, going out the night before was more important than producing quality shots. No matter how much make up you apply, when you look tired, it shows. I love her but she was so tired, she made me tired and I just had a grande americano.

That child like enthusiasm before a shoot is something that I can never let go of but again, I keep my expectations neutral and I have my reasons.

Back to the shoot. I was impressed because they were on the ball. I wasn’t going to get into the details but why not.

When I got to the location, they were there before me. All four of them looked well groomed and well rested. There were no shooting restrictions at the location because everything was organized well in advance. Basically, I was able to do my job without worrying about a single thing.

Want to hear the craziest part? When the shoot was over, they paid me and I didn’t have to ask for it. I offer quality imagery and exceptional service to all of my clients so compensation is standard but did they have to? No. They send me referrals all the time.

Despite being family, they demonstrated a degree of professionalism that any photographer would appreciate. They did a great job. 

Thank you guys!