Why I quit my job.

In order to pursue photography as a full-time business, I recently quit my job last year. I didn’t know how much of a challenge this transition was going to be but quitting wasn’t the hard part. It was the moments that led up to realizing that I had to quit.

I had to quit in order to give my business and myself the time I needed without the distractions of a 9-5.

When you have a 9-5, whatever energy you have is spent. When you consider the time that you invest in commuting to work and the time that you put in at work, you can end up spending more than 60+ a week. I was and I knew that I could not give my all in my business if I was spending all that time working for an organizations’ goals rather than my own.

I thought that if I spent all that time working on my business, would I succeed?

During the holiday season that just passed, I gave it a shot. It wasn’t much of a holiday as I spent most of my time marketing my business, conducting test shoots and working with lighting set-ups that I wasn’t completely familiar with.

There are many good photographers out there but there are few who get recognized and labelled as great photographers or as masters of light.

You can’t expect to master a craft if you’re life revolves around a job. It isn’t something that you can do “on the side” or whenever you have the time.

If you ask the avid photographers of our time what it is that sets them a class above everyone else, they all have the same answer. They never stop learning.

Clients are great. They’re important. They pay the bills but their standards and expectations aren’t as high as mine. There isn’t a day that goes by where a client says, “Hey Kabir, that’s fine. It doesn’t bother me.” and they don’t need to know what bothers me. That’s not their job or my responsibility.

I’m still getting used to being self-employed. Like I said before, it’s a challenging transition but I am loving it. It’s a rollercoaster. It’s exciting. Tomorrow is always better than the day that just passed and I never felt that way going in to work.

Basically, quitting my job is one of the scariest things I have done in my life but there isn’t a second that doesn’t go by where I am grateful that I took that step.

Do I consider myself to be a good photographer?


Do I consider myself to be one of the best?

That’s something that I am working on.

That's why I quit.