Be Comfortable

My mother had a dream. She wanted her son to be an actor. It didn't take me long to realize that I was happier behind a camera but I was a Mama's boy so I gave it a shot. I trained extensively to become a bollywood superstar.

In addition to the acting classes, personal training sessions, there were numerous photoshoots and out of all of them, I can recall one photoshoot that I had with Zakia Shakir. She is considered to be one of the finest photographers based photographers in India and rarely shoots anything that's not editorial. 

It wasn't easy getting her to shoot a session but after a few meetings, she agreed to do so.

This shoot took place 7 years ago.

Photograph by Zakia Shakir Studio

Photograph by Zakia Shakir Studio

The images came out great. I thanked her for shooting my pictures but I never told her the real reason why I was so grateful.

She made me so comfortable during the course of my shoot. I didn't feel intimidated, rushed or overwhelmed by an experience that was somewhat difficult for me. She knew when I needed a moment or if my energy was simply low.

Unknowingly, she taught me how one should work with talent.

Years have passed since that season in my life. Today, I make it a point to make everyone in my atmosphere as relaxed as possible. 

As an actor, I believe if you want to give a good performance, you need to be comfortable in order to deliver your emotions with conviction. In that moment, you need to feel okay in your own skin even if you're truly not.

Now as a photographer, I am not just assessing how my light falls on my subject and how he/she is conveying his/her emotions. I am constantly keeping tabs on how my talent feels.

After a few wardrobe changes, it can be exhausting for an actor. It doesn't matter if an actor has never shot before or shoots frequently because energy is always invested into good work.

So if you're an actor who is going to visit our studio for a session, rest, relax, don't drink too much caffeine and be who you truly are. That's who everyone loves.

Thank you Zakia.